Embracing Dark Colors - Even On Walls!

There is a misconception out there that dark walls make a room look smaller. While this can be the case, if dark paint, or wallpaper is used effectively the result is an expansive feeling room with a great punch. The key is contrast. If everything in your room is dark then the room will look dark, small and uninteresting. But if dark colors are juxtaposed with bright, light colors the room takes on a very vibrant personality.

Take a look a this great space I found on www.Houzz.com and let me know what you think.

Consider a small bathroom with clean white fixtures. Dark walls can be an inexpensive, easy way to create excitement in a room like this. Even dark grey can be handsome and happy in a bath with white sinks, tubs and water closets. Think of adding more punch with colorful artwork or towels.

When painting the walls of a living room or bedroom dark, make sure that the hardwood floor or carpet is a much lighter shade. The large expansive of the light floor will balance the dark walls and create a natural contrast, leaving the furniture colors wide open for selection.

When in doubt play with small pots of paint, applied to the wall as testers. View these in every type of light: daylight, rainy days, shady days and of course, at night with room lighting. Chances are you will embrace these once feared dark colors, in conjunction with their opposite bright, light colors.

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