Affordable Custom Looking Interiors: Rugs (Part 2)

Everyone knows throw pillows are an easy way to add color, pop and pattern to a room… but how about taking it a step further with an area rug? Many affordable, colorful, patterned rugs are available via retail shops or online. You do not need to invest in a large rug to add impact. The right 5’ x 8’ rug can be layered over your current hardwood or stone floor to add color, warmth and texture.

Take into consideration the feeling of the room when selecting your rug – if fun and playful are your goals, go for primary colors with large abstract floral or oversize geometric patterns that contrast with your current décor. If slick and stylized are your look, find a sophisticated stripe or a tone-on-tone rug in a color to blend with your room.

The rug can be placed in the center of your main seating area, or under a set of chairs to offset the grouping. Play with the positioning. An angled rug can give the room a whole new feel, a new “angle” if you will. If possible have a few rug selections to change seasonally (similar to our wardrobes, why not?). An area rug can be just the right accessory to give your room new life!

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