Glass Tile - Passing Fad or Here to Stay?

Many clients question whether glass tile is a classic, timeless choice for their tiling projects. I have two thoughts to share. First, I bet there was a time when people wondered if ceramic tile was a passing fad, as compared to natural stone. Second, I believe your color selection as well as the application of the tile will be the barometer of “classic and timeless” more than the fact that the tile is made of glass.

It is safe to say if you choose a hot pink or bright orange glass tile you will run the risk of this looking trendy at some point. This is particularly true if these colors are chosen for a prominent location such as a fireplace surround. Your choice will be literally set in stone. Unlike carpet or paint, tile does not start to look worn or used quickly, but will be costly to replace when you simply grow tired of it. However, if your inclination runs to the soft blues, greys or beiges, dare I say “the naturals”, any tile, including glass, will look clean and classic longer. Plus, you will have the added bonus of reflection and shine that glass tiles offer.

Although more difficult to install than ceramic tile, glass tiles give you a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to color choices and finishes. Rich deep jewel tones as well as calm clear spa colors, and literally everything in between, are all available in glass options. This is not the case with ceramic or porcelain tile. Committing to the kind of color and accent that glass tile presents can often be the “thunder” that makes your space dramatically fabulous! Consider using glass tile for drama in a self-contained space such as a powder room. It won’t limited your choices for the rest of your home, but will allow your powder room to become the “jewel box”. Given the nearly limitless options available in color, size and finish for glass tile, it is my belief that it is certainly not a passing fad. I do believe glass tile is more vulnerable to becoming declared a trend at some point.

If budget is a factor, it will most likely be safer to select any tile whether it is stone, porcelain or ceramic in softer neutral colors and add “pop” with more transient finishes such as paint or wallpaper.

One final muse… it’s quite possible that homeowners questioned whether ceramic tile would be considered a trend, as compared to natural stone, at some point in the past. And that is certainly not the case. Like glass tile, ceramic and porcelain tile has grown into a plethora of patterns, colors and styles, making it difficult to become a passing fad.

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