3 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Arranging Furniture

Many home owners, especially new home owners, are in a quandary about how to arrange furniture in their new space. Fortunately, although there is no mathematical formula for this geometry problem, there are tried and true guidelines to create a functional, pleasing room.

The first and most important “rule” is to have your furniture arranged so that the backs of sofas, chairs or case goods are not facing the entrance of the room. In other words, make sure the seating side of the sofa or chair is facing towards you upon entering the room. This creates the “warmth and welcome” most people crave. There is nothing worse than being greeted with the straight long back of a sofa when entering what is supposed to be a cozy family room. It’s an immediate put off. If this proves impossible, make sure the back of your sofa has a pretty shape or it is softened by a sofa back console with dimming lamps to create a soft, warm glow.

The second most important thing to avoid is placing all your upholstered furniture on one side of the room. This is often the case with sectional sofas which must be placed together. It is important to balance out your sectional with a large upholstered chair or ottoman on the other side of the room.

Lastly avoid “The Big Dip”. “The Big Dip” is created when high furniture is placed to close to the low furniture, without some bridge between. Think of a large glass china cabinet flanked by low small benches or high back sofas placed around an extremely low coffee table. The result is “The Big Dip”. Use artwork on the walls to bridge the gap and make sure your coffee table displays some tall accessories to avoid this visual valley.

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