Affordable Custom Looking Interiors: Mirrors (Part 4)

This is the last in my current series Affordable Ways to Achieve a Custom Looking Interior. You can check out the previous 3 posts here: Part 1: Lamps, Part 2: Rugs, and Part 3: Art.

This post will concentrate on mirrors, particularly large mirrors. A simple shaped, large mirror can create instant impact for almost any room. Virtually every room can benefit from a mirror in some way.

Over a fireplace: the mirror will serve as an art piece; it will reflect the rest of the room, creating additional interest and it will maximize the light in your room. All of this adds up to a focal point. Most rooms are arranged to highlight the fireplace anyway. The addition of a mirror ensures the fireplace wall will be an eye catching composition as well as a focal point.

Personally, I love round mirrors and will almost always show clients these as my first choice. A round shape adds softness, as well as impact. By nature many of our furnishings are more rectangular. Think cabinetry, shelving, sofas, chairs, and the fireplace itself; adding a round shape offers contrast which automatically draws our eye in.

Large rectangular mirrors are terrific in the bedroom propped up against a wall. They serve as an accessory and function for your morning dressing routine. Choose a mirror with a stunning beefy frame to make a statement.

A large mirror also works well over a sofa. Somewhat unexpected, this application also reflects the room and adds light to the space. Be sure to choose a round mirror or a horizontally oriented rectangle that flows with the length of the sofa.

Another possibility… try three or four elegant shaped medium to large sized mirrors over a console or sofa to create a reflective grouping. The key is to marry the shape of the mirrors with the feel of your room. Curvy edges for the romantic look, or sharp geometric shapes for a more tailored and slick look.

The great news in all of this is that large mirrors are readily available in many different shapes and sizes at affordable prices. Home Goods, Ballard Design, West Elm and many others have terrific accessories in stock waiting to be hung on your wall.

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